Photo by Lars Opstad


Friday, 24 at 8 pm
Galérie Hus, Paris, France
Dada 100 Years

Wednesday, 29 at 7 pm
Alternating Currents at Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Two Solo Voice Sets: 1 - Dada 100 Years, 2 - Vibrant Islands

Thursday, 30 at 10 pm
Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL, USA
Improv with Tim Daisy and Fred Lonberg-Holm and a Quartet Encore with Chris Brown


Saturday, 2 at 7 pm
ESS 30 Years Gala Celebration, Constellation, Chicago, IL, USA
Solo Performance and Improvs
with Michael Zerang, Hal Rammel and Ken Vandermark

Tuesday, 5
Trans-Pecos, Queens, NYC, USA
Improv with Gil Kuno, Elliott Sharp and Ches Smith


Wednesday, 17 at 8 pm
Opening of Blow Out Festival, Oslo, Norway
Improv with Paal Nilssen-Love and Stale Liavik Solberg

Friday, 26 at 8, 9 and 10 pm
Noorderzon Festival, Groningen, Netherlands
Three 30-Minute Performances: Dada 100 Years

Saturday, 27
ZomerJazzFietsToer, Groningen, Netherlands
Two Solo Concerts: Songs of Little Sleep


Friday, 9
Sardinia, Italy
Frank Zappa Project Concert with Mats Gustafsson
12-Piece Ensemble

Wednesday, 14 thru Thursday, 29
Austrian Alps
Study and Composition Retreat


Thursday, 6 and Friday, 7
Sound of a Cage Festival, Stavanger, Norway
Works by John Cage and Others

Tuesday, 11
Loft, Koeln, Germany
Solo Concert

Wednesday, 12
Free Essen Festival, Germany
Solo Concert

Friday, 14 or Saturday, 15
CUBA, Muenster, Germany
Solo Concert

Monday, 17
Haus am Dom, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Solo Performance: Dada 100 Years and YappiScope
Opening of Exhibition of Visual Poetry

Monday, 24 and Tuesday, 25
H.E.A.R., Strasbourg, France
Lecture / Workshop

Tuesday, 25
Festival Exhibitronic, Strasbourg, France


Saturday, 5 at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm
Literalinea Day, Ostadetheater, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Two Performances of Avant-Garde Poetry

Sunday, 13 thru Tuesday, 15
WDR Radio Recording Project with HueBeBlo

Monday, 28
EAM Collection, Berlin, Germany
Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate: Dada 100 Years