Triangle Stories (2016)

for soloist or small ensemble

The colored triangles represent long held sounds. Size can be interpreted as volume, color as timbre.

The triangles with numbers are to be performed as improvisations with phrases that have as many syllables as the respective number.
A syllable is defined as a sound of any length wthout a clear break in it. So it can, for instance, also be a held sound or a glissando.

In the polygons with more than three corners are the names of the protagonists of the story. They can be mentioned vocally or interpreted as a distinctive sound.

In the spaces where a line ends in the open, there is a sign asking for a corresponding sound to be invented on the spot.
Once determined, this sound has to be repeated faitthfully every time the sign is performed in the story.

In the performance, it is important to strive for a mood of storytelling.