Photo by Wanda Detemmerman



Thursday, 19 at 11 am
Kurt-Schwitters-Platz,Wittmund, Germany
Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate

Saturday, 21 at 7 pm
Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate and other works


Friday, 3 at 4 pm
Radio WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Interview and Music Excerpts

Monday, 6
Konijnenhok op Overschie, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Short Solo Performances and Improv with Red Brut

Friday, 24
De IJsselstroom, Zutphen, Netherlands
Solo Voice Work and Excerpts of YappiScope

Sunday, 26
Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Solo Performance Dr Voxoid's Next Move


Tuesday, 5
European Poetry Festival, London, UK
Short Performance

Thursday, 7
De Groen, Arnhem, Netherlands
Short Performance


Monday, 29 thru Wednesday, 31
Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden


Thursday, 1 thru Sunday, 4
Sound Poetry Festival
Stockholm, Sweden

Tuesday, 6
Uppsala, Sweden

Wednesday, 7
Uppsala, Sweden
Solo Performance

Thursday, 8
Uppsala, Sweden,
Improv Performance

Saturday, 17
Improv with Dirk Marwedel and Michael Vorfeld
Wiesbaden, Germany

Saturday, 24
De Perifeer, Bergkerk, Deventer, Netherlands
Duo with Felicity Provan


Friday, 7
Fire Museum, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Solo Performance

Saturday, 8 or Sunday, 9
Rhizome, Washington DC, USA
Solo Performance

Saturday, 8 or Sunday, 9
The Red Room, Baltimore, MD, USA
Solo Performance

Tuesday, 11
Roulette, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Solo Performance YappiScope

Wednesday, 12 at 3 pm
Columbia University, NY, NY, USA
Lecture / Performance

Wednesday, 19
Sun-Ray Cinema, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate and Other Works

Thursday, 20
The Hungry Brain, Chicago, IL, USA
JeJaWeDa Quartet

Saturday, 22
Corbett vs Dempsey Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA
With Damon Smith

Sunday, 23 at 2 pm
Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee, WI, USA
With Damon Smith

Monday, 24
Bloomington, IN, USA
With Damon Smith


Tuesday, 15
Festival Wien Modern, Vienna, Austria
Premiere of new piece by Elisabeth Harnik